JAKARTA. According to the general theory, communication is the delivery of messages from the communicator to the communicant. A good teacher, not only able to convey but also be a good listener. SD Juara of East Jakarta that built by Rumah Zakat took the initiative to conduct teacher training with the theme of “How to Deal Communication to Student’s Parents and Work Partners” on Monday (14/08) at 13:00 to 15:00 pm.

The training was talking about tips and tricks for teachers to become excellent communicators for students and parents. Farid Fadli, familiarly called Awit for the second time shared his inspiration about effective communication methods.

First, Awit said that communication conveys three things: Thoughts, data and emotions. Secondly, this Mandiri Global education trainer provides tips and tricks. Teachers should know three things before communicating such as Preparation, communication skills and external factors. Third, the teacher’s focus, imagination and emotion must be observed so that students and parents feel appreciated as human beings.

“The key to the real success of communication is not in verbal or spoken languages,” said Awit. He also provided training with questionnaires, games, and simulation methods.
Teachers are given a questionnaire of understanding about what communication is, why it requires effective communication and how to build effective communication.

An effective communication simulation was also given. Teachers were divided into groups of communicators (messengers) and groups of communicants (listeners). The exciting simulation was appreciated by the 3rd grade teacher, Butet Sri Yanti, “the training is exciting, I can have lots of tips and tricks to be a messenger and a good listener.”



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