SURABAYA. (04/04) Rumah Zakat’s RBG Primary Clinic is present in Surabaya since 2008. The Clinic that was originally called Free Maternity House is initiated by Rumah Zakat to answer the needs of Surabaya residents in accessing health. Located at Jalan Sidosermo II kav 321 Sidosermo Sub-District Wonocolo Subdistrict, Surabaya, Rumah Zakat’s RBG Primary Clinic not only serve labor and pregnant mother, but also health check.

In addition to establishing a free clinic, there are various health programs initiated by Rumah Zakat in Surabaya, including Elderly Friendly, Nutrition Garden, Trash Cgarity, and Care for Teen. These programs are implemented in the Rumah Zakat Empowered Village in Surabaya with sub district based. There are at least nine sub districts in Surabaya that are intervened by Rumah Zakat in the health sector.

“Wonocolo sub-district is one of the Empowered villages built by Rumah Zakat, many underprivileged people live hire who are immigrants from various regions. Usually these migrants do not have BPJS (Social Insurance) so they rely on the existence of RBG Primary Clinic, especially the elderly,” said Zirzi Zubeir, Empowered Village Facilitator for health sector in Surabaya.

“It is also one of the main factors of the implementation of Elderly Friendly program conducted in Berdaya Wonocolo Village adjacent to RBG Primary Clinic,” he added.

Lailatul Istikhomah

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