PALEMBANG. Located at RM Sederhana in Basuki Rahmat street, No. 1 Palembang city, more than 23 Amil and Rumah Zakat volunteers join Journalism Training with theme of Smiling Seminar News, Saturday (06/01/18).

This training presented Mas’ud Khan guest speaker as Owner and also as Inspiring Inspector of Rumah Zakat Bekasi. When delivering the material, he says that one of the obstacles of writing is the sense of laziness. The solution of the problem that is must hasten in doing activity in terms of writing news.

Hadi, as the Branch Manager of Rumah Zakat Sumsel stated, “This training aims to provide understanding to the Rumah Zakat team to have expertise in making news, maximizing the publication of Rumah Zakat programs,” he said.

One of Rumah Zakat Volunteers, Udin is very enthusiastic to attend the training that lasted from 9:00 to 15:00 pm. “The training is good, so I know how to write good news, start photo angle, writing news and news item that should be poured,” he said.

Although it lasted for 6 hours, the training activities took place with fun, because the training is conducive and the activity runs interactively. Writing is a special skill that is not shared by everyone, writing activity is a good habit and should be developed, especially for those who are active in social field.



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