We are not ourselves when we are hungry, it might sound like an advertisement. But in fact, an empty stomach can indeed make one’s mood affected. Therefore as a precaution, there are some things that need to be postponed when the stomach sounds.

According to nutritionist and creator of, Bonnie Taub-Dix, there are some things that should not be done if there is no food intake.

As reported by Livestrong on Wednesday (18/9), the first thing you should not do is make a big decision. Hunger makes impatience and impulsiveness which tends to damage the ability to make healthy and good decisions. It is also included in a research published in the September 2019 Psychonomic Bulletin & Review. Therefore avoid making important decisions before eating.

In the second place, do not consume vitamins on an empty stomach. This will make nausea because some vitamins are acidic.

Therefore, eating before consuming vitamins can protect us from the unpleasant gastrointestinal effects. Another solution to consume vitamins can be done before bedtime. Because when the stomach is filled it can avoid unwanted nausea.

Next is the third, food shopping also includes what you should not do when the stomach is empty. Because, when the stomach is empty, you will not be clear in buying your needs. Thus, something that is not really needed will be bought and instead makes it wasteful. Especially if you buy unhealthy foods instead.

In the fourth place, you are prohibited from drinking cocktails on an empty stomach. That is because alcohol can make the heartbeat faster and in return make you dizzy and sick if taken during hunger. Alcohol, in fact, will also make you more hungry. Therefore, alcohol is a stimulant for appetite.

Fifth, do not eat spicy food during a hunger attack. Some may be able to tolerate spicy food, but most may not. Because according to Taub, eating spicy food during hunger can make heat in the stomach, because there is no buffer food that acts as a buffer. Therefore, if you want to eat spicy, you should snack on food or drink a glass of milk.

This is also related to the sixth condition; do not consume coffee first if no food is consumed. The reason is that coffee can stimulate the stomach to produce more acid. Just like before, the solution to drink coffee in the morning must be preceded by snacks.

In the last position, do not ever do hard exercises when the stomach is empty. Besides getting tired easily, not eating when you exercise will make some people dizzy or nauseous. In the process, food or snacks before exercising can provide energy and endurance to encourage strenuous exercise.


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