SALATIGA. On Saturday (15/07) morning, the people of Pengilon, Mangunsari Village, Salatiga have been busy preparing Halal Bi Halal event at the house of one of the residents, the women were busy preparing the food, while the teens and men were preparing the venue by arranging the chairs and other facilities. At that time Relawan Inspirasi Mangunsari, Harmuzi also helped the people.

On that occasion, Mr. Karno as the chairman of RW 03 delivered his speech, and then continued with tausyiah delivered by Relawan Inspirasi. The opportunity was used by Relawan Inspirasi to invite people to merge themselves into a unity in making a more advanced and prosperous environment.

“Kebun Warga program should be encouraged again, although the price of chilli has dropped but other vegetable needs should still be fulfilled. So this Shawwal as a month of improvement can be implemented with Kampung towards self-sufficiency of vegetables and fruits.” Harmuzi said encouraging citizens to move forward.

Kebun Warga program is one of the Empowered Village programs that must be succeeded together as a concrete form of Mangunsari citizens unity in making a more advanced and prosperous environment. Halal bi halal activities as well as the event of silaturahim finally succeeded also in spreading the spirit of unity among the citizens and at the same time re-establish the citizens to succeed the Empowered Village program.


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