HARI GIZI NASIONAL, RZ BERI AMANAT DI UPACARA SD TAMANANYOGYAKARTA.Roadshow Campaign Eating Fruits & Vegetables continued in the city of Yogyakarta. This time, Cita Sehat with RZ visited the students of SD Negeri tamanan, Banguntapan, Bantul – Yogyakarta. Anis Rinawati, M.Pd., the principal of SDN tamanan even invited one of Cita Sehat personel Alfian, Public Health Officer of RZ Yogyakarta to be a builder of the ceremony.


“We are very pleased with the socialization or campaign like this. The children also would be very happy with what will be delivered. Because of the activities to coincide with Monday, so it is better for Mr. Alfian to be a builder of ceremony because this is one important matter that must be given to all students, “Anis said before the ceremony started, (16/01).


Ceremony took place solemnly. The students are very enthusiastic about what was presented by Alfian. Various types of vitamins and nutrients are described by him. Starting from the type of food, up to the function for health, not to forget at the end of his mandate, Alfian also encouraged the students to continue eating healthy foods.


“I am happy to listen to the mandate of mr. alfian, learning about vitamins A, B, C and many more. Hopefully later he could come to school. Anyway Cita Sehat and RZ cool, “said Rafian, students in grades 2 of SD Tamanan.

Newsroom/Nurul Rahayu

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