hari-guru-guru-sd-juara-tingkatkan-kapasitasPEKANBARU. In commemoration of National Teacher’s Day on 25 November 2016, SD Juara Pekanbaru held internal workshop for its teacher. The workshop which was attended by 16 teachers and education personnel was held with the theme of “Managing Behavior of Students”.

Presenters who share their knowledge on these activities is a practitioner who daily engaged in the world of education, particularly in child psychology, Mrs. Devi Afrianti S.Psi. In the workshop, the presenters tried to explore opinions / interaction with the teacher about the constraints experienced teachers in teaching in SD Juara Pekanbaru, then also given some solutions to deal with it.

In addition, teachers are given information about factors that affect a child’s behavior, traits / characteristics of elementary school age children and the stages that must be done in solving the problems of children.

In carrying out his duties as a teacher that is teaching and educating students, teachers still need a means to augment knowledge to improve their capabilities. This is realized by SD Juara’s teachers so they eagerly follow this workshop.

One elementary school teacher Champion Pekanbaru, Fitriyah Misdian, S. Pi conveyed her impression of this workshop, “This workshop is very helpful, open mind on overcoming the barriers that exist in the behavior of students. Hopefully we can apply the knowledge conveyed by the speaker “. A good teacher is teachers who want to continue to learn and improve themselves.

Newsroom/Amelia Salfitri

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