HARI KESEHATAN SE- DUNIA AJANG KAMPANYE HIDUP SEHATPALEMBANG. In commemoration of World Health Day which falls on March 7, Rumah Zakat enliven Healths Traveling activities held by IAI (Indonesian Pharmacist Association) and ISMAFARSI (Pharmacy Student Association Senate Indonesia) Sumatra II joined from several universities and private universities in South Sumatra.


The event held at Kambang Iwak Park with the agenda of free health check consisting of glucose check, uric acid check, health promotion and sharing activities with the community about healthy lifestyles, recorded that 200 people attended the event.


Health checks agenda began at 7:04 pm and is assisted by four pharmacists who are members of the organization of professions. In addition, pharmacy students and 50 students from several universities and colleges joined in ISMAFARSI participated in helping the event.


“I am happy to be involved in the activities in commemoration of World Health Day, together with other students and Rumah Zakat. We share knowledge and spread the passion for healthy living. We hope this activity can be held back, ” Siti Khadijah said, one of the students involved in the activities of a medical examination.


In these activities, the IAI and ISMAFARSI representatives thanked Rumah Zakat who contributed to the event. Through these activities, it is hoped the public could be more active in maintaining health and a healthy lifestyle in their lives.


“Hopefully, this synergy continues in order to jointly play a role in improving and promoting healthy living,” Gandhi said, one of the organizers in the event.

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