PEKANBARU. SD Juara Pekanbaru held PERJUSA on (11/08) to (12/08) in Horticulture Seed Hall environment under the auspices of Riau Province Agricultural Service. PERJUSA is scout camp that held from Friday to Saturday. This activity is a routine camp in every semester followed by 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grade participants totaling about 65 participants.

Participants are divided into 6 groups, consisting of 3 men’s groups and 3 women’s groups. On this PERJUSA, the participants are trained to be self-sufficient by meeting the needs of their own group, setting up the tent as well as the race activities and the cohesiveness of the group will be seen and become a means of student education.

Mr. Suriksodi Saputro, S.T as the Principle of SD Juara Pekanbaru was open Ceremony. He conveyed that the participants have to follow the activities well to achieve the optimum results.

At night the participants performed their art performances of each group. There was drama, yells and others. The participants of PERJUSA presented their own artistic creativity. This agenda lasted until 22:00 pm.

The next day, the participants were gathered to pray Tahajud Prayer congregation on Saturday (10/12) at around 4:00 in the morning, with Sidik as the priest. Then proceed to Shubuh prayer. Every activity of prayer in PERJUSA was done in congregation. After that, participants were Jogging around the Campsites.

The participants prepared breakfast in groups and clean up the group’s tent and equipment. The agenda was continued by cleaning up and closing.
“Alhamdulillah I am happy to join this camp,” said Ibad, 3rd grader student who joined the camp. Around 14.00 WIB Participants have returned to their homes.



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