HARI TANPA TEMBAKAU SEDUNIA, RELAWAN RZ GELAR EDUKASI BAHAYA ROKOK World No Tobacco Day is a day that is celebrated with the aim to attract the world’s attention on the widespread habit of smoking and its adverse effects on health. It is estimated that the habit of smoking each year causes the death of 5.4 million people.

For prevention, on Tuesday (05/31) Volunteer of RZ Makassar together with Cita Sehat Foundation (CSF) held the dangers of smoking education to elementary school students of SD Berbantuan Bungaya. The activity was held at the School located at Jl. Kumala, Makassar was attended by students of 2nd , 3rd , 4th and 5th grade which have tremendous enthusiasm.

Kak Unas, as the speaker explained that smoking is an act that is futile and is an activity that should be avoided. Not just smokers who get a big loss, but those who are around smokers (read: passive smokers) also get a big loss, especially for health.

“The dangers of smoking are carbon dioxide.” Said Kak Unas.

Arlina Mrs. Arafat as Principal express hiss thanks for the visit
“Thank you very much for visiting Volunteers RZ and CSF. It is a very good thing. Especially as their early knowledge to not be a consumer of cigarettes” Said Bu Arlina.

“After educating the activity, some representatives of students selected randomly by RZ volunteers to participate in snakes and ladders game” Dangers of Smoking ” then from the game come out 3 winners. They were given a gift in the form of school kits” said Ramli as Volunteer coordinator of RZ Makassar.

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