GRESIK-EAST JAWA, Monday (12/08). The first tashrik day after Eid al-Adha, Ahmat Muid, facilitator of Rumah Zakat Desa Berdaya Manyar, carried out a weekly study with the material “Exemplary Prophet Ibrahim AS.”

Weekly study activities with the mothers are carried out every Monday morning after the Fajr joint prayer directly to the place of study in the Prophet Ibrahim. starting at 05.00-06.00. This coaching was carried out at the Zakat House facilitator’s house which was followed by 36 mothers.

There were two major events experienced by the Prophet Ibrahim AS, namely the success of the Prophet Ibrahim in educating his sons so that his descendants all become prophets, because of his strong and steady faith unshakeable by any storm.

Next topic delivered is the implementation of the pilgrimage whose shari’a is the largest syariah ever carried out by the Prophet Ibraham. Until today, the shari’a is carried out by the descendants of the Prophet Muhammad SAW.

Hopefully, all the mothers can be active in participating in the study and practicing their knowledge.


Hanaa Afifah | Laylatul Istikhomah

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