RZ LDKO CilegonBANDA ACEH. A hundred of orphans from Banda Aceh and Aceh Besar celebrated the World Orphan Day in Banda Aceh Town Hall, Tuesday (7/7).

In this opportunity, Banda Aceh Mayor, Illiza, explained to the society that 15th day of Ramadhan as the World Orphan Day in Aceh. In addition, she and OIC also distributed assistances to orphans in Banda Aceh.

Illiza said that the explanation of the World Orphan Day is a form of local government’s concern toward orphan in Aceh especially in Banda Aceh. On the other hand, he also appreciated OKI Alliance for the establishment of 15th day of Ramadhan as the World Orphan Day.

“We really appreciate and thank for OKI Alliance regarding to the assistances given toward orphans in Aceh,” Illiza said. Therefore, he asked for all the local government officers to participate in fundraising for orphans. ***

Newroom/Rendriawan Muhammad
Banda Aceh

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