Assets are among the sustenance that Allah has given to humans. It is like rain that is not evenly divided. Rain sometimes falls in mountainous areas, but does not descend in the Sahara field or vice versa. Sometimes it goes down in the countryside, but it doesn’t go down in the city or vice versa and so on.

Rain can bring mercy, but sometimes it can bring pain. Keep in mind! When Allah SWT drowned the the rebellious Noah’s follower. With what did God destroy them? With rain that causes a tremendous flood.


That is, distribution and determination of assets in the world in general. Allah SWT does not share it evenly with everyone. Some are rich, some are poor, and some are well off. Assets are sometimes useful for servants, sometimes assets can drag him to the valley that leads to suffering.


If we all already know and realize that the treasure has been arranged by Allah the Almighty, all has been shared by Him, then what should we do? Why should we complain with a little fortune? Why are we jealous of others?


Why feel insulted? Can wealth guarantee that the owner will go to heaven? Can the world guarantee to get the pleasure of Allah SWT? To those who have been given more and sufficient wealth, give alms, infuse in the way of Allah. Open the doors of good for others.


Allah SWT said, The parable (the livelihood issued by) those who spend their wealth in the way of Allah is similar to a seed that grows seven grains, in each one hundred seed grains. God multiplies (rewards) who he wants. And Allah is Almighty (His gift) is Knower (Surah al-Baqarah [2]: 261).


In a hadith, the Prophet SAW said, Indeed charity does not reduce wealth (Muslim). For those who feel lack of wealth, keep on trying, trying to get God’s wealth and fortune. Regardless of whether we have a lot of wealth and fortune or not, it is returned to God. Our job is not to succeed.


Our job is to try because it is in trying that we find and learn to build opportunities to succeed. We must be sure that the endeavor is not the cause of property and sustenance. However, the property and sustenance came from God. To get property and fortune, trying and picking up wealth and sustenance is also important.


Wallahu A’lam.







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