anak-makan-sehat-_160315073731-999A mother who oversees children diet strictly often creates a feeling of satisfaction. That’s because mother has managed to make sure the family gets a good food intake so that the whole family is always healthy.

However, according to the founder of Nourish Schools Washington Casey Seidenberg, it is not entirely good. The nutrition educator claimed to have experience stuffed his family with healthy foods such as quinoa rice and kale. He often talked about nutrition and the use mealtimes as an opportunity to teach children about healthy foods.

“Eating is no longer fun. The activity was a lesson, “Seidenberg said as quoted by the Independent.


He admitted that the impact of parenting that cause children to be selective and try to ensure that his or her food is healthy. According to him, provide knowledge about foods that can help children grow and the food needs to be consumed as needed is a helpful thing. However, attempts to force a child eat healthy foods and get rid of unhealthy food needs to be corrected.


Seidenberg said, parents need to focus on teaching children to become independent eaters. This means that children can maintain a healthy relationship with food. “For example, children can take care not to eat too much sugar and can eat anything without parental supervision,” he said.


He said the children were often set to be felt constantly watched and judged. It can trigger a conflict which is not required in the dynamics of the relationship of parents and children.



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