PALEMBANG. Raden Gunawan who is familiarly called Mr.Gun is an ambulance driver Rumah Zakat in Palembang. 53- year-old man is devoted himself with Rumah Zakat since 2007 in the office of Rumah Zakat is still located at Angkatan 45 street, Palembang.

Until now Mr.Gun is still valiant to travel far, both in the city and outside the city to cross the province, to run the mandate to deliver the corpse for those in need. Although he was not young anymore, but his spirit beat the young.

Encountered on Monday (8/1/18), at the office of Rumah Zakat Palembang, Pak Gun said that this profession is very noble, there are many experiences full of wisdom whenever he performs the task of delivering the corpse to the destination. This profession always reminds him that life is nothing compared to the practice of self during the life of the world.

He also continues to be motivated to help many people around him through Rumah Zakat program. He feels different happiness when the assisted feel happy and grateful. So that he felt now is the blessing of life and sufficiency. In contrast to his past that is categorized far from knowing Allah SWT.

Before joining Rumah Zakat, Mr. Gun has wrestled a lot of professions. In 1993 Gun worked as Debt Collector in Jakarta for more than 3 years, then in 1996 Gun Gun traveled to Lombok to work as a Supervisory Company of Electricity and communication companies for 2 years.

In 1998 he returned to Jakarta to work as Sales Chief at one of the financial companies there, but only lasted less than 2 years. Not only until there Pak Gun then wander to the city of Medan, North Sumatra working as supervisor of road construction projects and only lasted 1 year 2 months.

In 2001 Mr.Gun decided to return to his hometown in Palembang, and again acted as a cooperative Debt Collector in one of the major printing presses of the day. Variety of the profession had he felt until finally he got an offer as an ambulance driver Rumah Zakat.

This is the door of the hijrah that brought great changes in the life of Mr. Gun. He was embraced to slowly work on the obligatory prayer from what was never a prayer. In this Rumah Zakat he just know the number of obligatory prayer and rawatib, he always invited to the mosque, know Dhuha, charity ease the burden of the brother though only with the energy we have.

“I feel my life is now more barokah, because it is close to the people pious. Can feel the happiness of others we can help. Not like before, feels a lot of money but seemed devoured by the devil because it is not barokah,” said Mr. Gun while laughing broadly.


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