Since the beginning of the new year 2020, various news highlighted the areas where the country is hit by flood. The brunt of the flood also swept through a number of points in Jabodetabek. How many losses suffered both material and non-material. The number of refugees due to the disaster reached thousands of people.

They must survive even though some of them decided to return to their respective homes. However, the threat of disease in the midst of silt and puddles must still be watched. The new year opened with a long duration of rain and heavy intensity. Maybe, some of us boastfully blame the arrival of the rainy season as a cause of the flood.

In fact, true rain is sent down to meet the needs of natural and human for water. We certainly do not forget. Last year, drought-hit many areas. In fact, not a few rain befall us when we are blanketed in the fog of forest fires. It all took place more and more severe because the rain never arrived.

The heat of a year was lost by one day of rain. So, why is it raining now? We need a big mirror for those who blame the weather. Therefore, the natural cycle is a harmony between elements connected to maintain balance. What very often happens is that human hands have damaged the mechanism that is full of order.

There is human activity behind the scary side of rain. In urban areas, how many streams are no longer clear. Murky, and clogged here and there. People also without proper calculations built houses near the river banks. The flow of the river water is increasingly narrowing. Even worse: rivers are transformed into shared bins.

The laziness of irresponsible people has devastating environmental impacts. Starting from the unpleasant odor of river water to finally bring up floods that are getting more and more severe crashing in.

Among the signs of Allah’s power is rain. In surah al-Baqarah verse 22, Allah says, meaning, “It is He (Allah) who made the earth as a stretch for you and the sky as a roof, and He sent water (rain) from the sky, then He yielded with it all fruits as rain sustenance for you; therefore do not associate Allah with another, even though you know.”

The rain should stimulate people to believe and be grateful to Him by a lot. Rainwater has great benefits. Elsewhere, namely surah As-Sajdah verse 27, Allah SWT gave a warning regarding rain as a sign of His omnipotence.

“And did they not notice, that We drove (clouds containing) water to barren earth, then We grew with rainwater the plant from which they eat their livestock and themselves. So, do they not pay attention?”

When the rain ends in disaster, the blessing that people should be able to feel at every drop of water that falls from the sky is gone. Instead of saying alhamdulillah, they instead looked up with anxious glances. It was raining as if they were on cue for them to get ready to evacuate.

If so, who was wrong? Once again, flooding occurs due to the neglect of the mechanism of natural balance. For example, urban planning is built without good and sustainable planning so that human life is not in harmony with nature. Allah SWT has created man as His caliph on the face of the earth.

Therefore, it is very presumptuous if we just arbitrarily destroy nature. Earth has provided all kinds of necessities for human survival. Ethically, humans should preserve nature, at least the environment in which they live themselves so that it is always a source of decent living.

Imagine, if everyone in this country is committed to protecting the environment, one of the tasks as His Califah on earth is how quickly good changes can be materialized. For example, stop littering the river. Or, reduce the consumption of plastic that is difficult to decompose in nature.

The thousandth step starts with one small step. Big changes can be started from a commitment to change your own bad habits. “Do not make mischief on the earth, after (Allah) repair it and pray to Him with fear and hope. Indeed, Allah’s mercy is very close to those who do good” (QS Ali ‘Imran: 14).

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