Obesity in children can be avoided one of them by reducing the consumption of refined carbohydrates, according to the advice of pediatricians from RSCM, dr. Piprim Basarah Yanuarso, SpA (K).

“Obesity therapy in adolescence has a success rate of 10-20 percent. If you don’t want keto (low carbohydrate diet), reduce the consumption of refined carbohydrates. Snacks in the mini market, if eaten immediately, will immediately increase sugar levels. “The glycemic index will be immediately high,” Piprim said in Jakarta, Saturday (6/4).

Piprim said that processed carbohydrates, such as those found in retail stores, actually trigger craving or want to consume continuously and won’t make you feel full, he said.

When someone consumes factory-processed carbohydrates, continued Piprim, that person is able to spend that amount of food alone. “It’s called sugar craving. The cycle, insulin rises first, while the sugar drops. Once the sugar drops, he is hungry again and takes (food) again, “Piprim said.

Health experts recommend that everyone eat vegetables and fruit, although not all fruits are safe for diabetics, one of them is banana.

Piprim says the sugar levels in bananas are high so it is dangerous to consume too much, especially if you are diabetic.

One large banana can contain 17 grams or 4.25 teaspoons of sugar. Meanwhile, one cup of grapes contains 15 grams or 3.75 grams of tea.

“Fruit must be sought for with high nutrition but not directly changed by the body to sugar. For example, avocados, strawberries, or other berries, yam, cucumber and high-fiber fruits, “Piprim said.

Source: republika.co.id

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