For those of you who are accustomed to work indoors and spending more time sitting, maybe this information will be very important. Some studies say the rise in blood pressure can be caused by the passing of a person’s activity while sitting. The longer a person sits, the risk of blood pressure and pressure on the nerves will also be high.

For those of you who have problems on blood pressure, it is advisable to avoid sitting down, especially with the position of legs overlap for a long time.

Although this position is often regarded as a stylish position, it turns out that many health experts claim that the position is dangerous. The reason can be the main cause of damage to the foot.

Ironically, not many are aware of the danger. In addition to causing increased pressure and risk of varicose veins (dilation of back veins), this ‘lady-like’ position also plays a significant role as a cause of health problems.

Another reason to avoid this position is the high risk of peroneal nerve paralysis (the calf bone). Sitting by piling one foot on the other can also suppress the nerve and even damage it. In addition, this position can also affect the blood circulation, because when you put one foot on the other, the intensity of the amount of blood will be more pumped into the heart, and will negatively affect the blood circulation.

This position is also believed to affect the inner and outer thigh muscle balance. This can certainly cause pelvic bone imbalance and joint problems. The longer you sit with your legs overlap, the possibility of inflammation of the feet, the inhibition of blood vessels, and the risk of small blood vessels in red, blue, purple shaped like spider webs or tree roots that appear on the surface of the skin (Spider Veins) will also get bigger.

It is recommended to ensure the best position as you sit, as well as the duration of the position. Try to keep changing the sitting position and don’t be too long sit in the same position, quoted by Times of India.

Source : republika.co.id

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