HSBC DAN BANK EKONOMI DONASIKAN 3272 PAKET RAMADHANMEDAN. HSBC Bank and Bank Ekonomi Branch Medan in cooperation with RZ implemented Smiles Sharing Ramadan program on the 5th day of Ramadan 1437 (06/10) held in Santika Premiere Dyandra Hotel & Convention at Jalan Kapten Maulana Lubis No. 7, Medan Petisah, Medan.

The program is implemented nationally by HSBC and Bank Ekonomi. Packages are distributed in Smiles Sharing Ramadan program include 220 Iftar packages (BBP), 100 Eid Gift for orphans and 10 Eid gift for the needy (BLK). The three types of this package is the Smiles program Ramadan “Happy For All” campaigned by RZ.

The event was attended by 100 orphans assisted by RZ and Muslim employees of HSBC and Bank Economics Branch Medan and other religions also joined in the event with warmth. The event was organized by RZ was started at 17.00 and ended with break fasting together. Ahead of the iftar audience were entertained by several performances including a story about the prophet Muhammad from Kampung Fables Medan, magic, little da’ and poetry from students of SD Juara Medan.

Mr. Syafi’i, Head Operation Support HSBC Medan in his speech expressed his happiness to be able to break the fast together and share with the orphans and disadvantaged families,

“Alhamdulillah,, through the Sharing Smiles program Ramadan HSBC and Bank Ekonomi can share to orphans assisted by RZ. They were very enthusiastic and happy to participate in the event. It fit our theme, hopefully this activity may add to the faith and our brotherhood. And hopefully this parcel is helpful, thanks to RZ and the organizers so that this event can be done “he said in brief remarks.

At the last session of the event was filled with tausiyah by Ustadz Ramadan Ariga, S.Pd.I which is now rising in Medan. In his tausiyah he delivered about Morals of the Prophet Muhammad in the household and morals of the Prophet to the neighbors.

In this event, besides the top management and employees of HSBC and Bank Economics, also attended the branch head of RZ Medan Mr Budi Syahputra along with the officials such as Principal of SD Juara Medan Mr. Sahidan Gayo, The leader of MDI Mr. Agus Salim Siregar, Head of RZ’s RBG clinic. dr. Fitria and Coordinator of KRN (komite relawan Nasional) Mr. Sugi Prawansyah.

Total product Ramadan successfully channeled through donations from HSBC and Bank Ekonomi are 2,322 Iftar packages, 850 Eid gift for orphans and 100 Eid Gift the needy so the total of Ramadan packages which were distributed from donations of HSBC and Bank Ekonomi are as much as 3272 packages.

Not only in Medan, the entire package of Ramadan will be distributed in six other cities in Indonesia, namely Jakarta (including the head office of HSBC), Bandung, Medan, Batam, Semarang and Surabaya.



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