HSBC DAN BANK EKONOMI HADIRKAN SENYUM RAMADHAN DI 7 KOTA BESARJAKARTA. (06/15) HSBC Bank and Bank Ekonomi Medan Branch in cooperation with RZ to present smile Ramadan by distributing thousands of Ramadhan Packages in 7 major cities across Indonesia, namely Jakarta, Bandung, Medan, Batam, Semarang and Surabaya.

The activity was carried in “Sharing Smiles Ramadan” which is a program of Ramadan Smile “Happy For All” campaigned by RZ.

In “Sharing Smiles Ramadan HSBC and Bank Ekonomi”
last Wednesday (06/15), there are around 150 orphans who attended the presentation ceremony of the package as well as Iftar.

The program is implemented nationally by HSBC and Bank Ekonomi. The number of packages distributed on the occasion is 660 Ramadan packages consisting of 410 Iftar packages (BBP) 150 Eid Gift for Orphan and 100 Eid Gift for The Needy (BLK).

“The three types of packets are given to the three foundations that is LTQ Karisma Risalah, Nurul Asih and Anak Juara East Jakarta, which gradually from elementary – high school.” Nur Efendi said.

On the occasion was also attended by Mr. Summit Duta as CEO of HSBC Indonesia,
Mr. Tony Turner, CEO of Bank Ekonomi and Nur Efendi as CEO of RZ.

The event began with Khatam Qur’an and while waiting for the Magrib athan, the audience entertained with several performances by Oka Dipta and Kak Zemi from rumah pensil Eka Wardana and also magic show from Kak Septian.

Lastly, a symbolic handover of iftar packages, Eid gift for orphans and Eid gift for the needy then continued with the reading of Asmaul Husna.

So far the overall number of products Ramadan channeled through donations HSBC and Bank Ekonomi include a 2723 Iftar Packages (BBP), 1000 Eid Gift for Orphans (KLY) and 200 Eid Gift for the Needy (BLK) so the total number of Ramadan packages successfully channeled thanks to donations HSBC and Bank Ekonomi is as much as 3,923 packages.

Newsroom/Ai Ratih Rusmayanti

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