husen-anak-juara-prestatif-nan-kharismatikSEMARANG. Abdillah Muhammad Husen commonly called Husen was born on October 16, 2000 which is 2nd child of 5 children, of the couple of Mr. Agus Iwan and Mrs. Umi Kustiyantishari. Husen is currently in grade 10 SMAN 12 Semarang. His father, Iwan Agus only works as a motorcycle taxi driver, while Mrs. Umi worked as an elementary school teacher who is a school for underprivileged children. The salary she is erratic but sometimes she does not get paid, so far earned income is only sufficient for daily needs.

“But we are grateful and always assured that the sustenance from Allah often come from directions that are sometimes beyond human reason,” said Ms. Umi. The condition is increasingly motivating Husen to continue realizing his performance with maximum effort.

Many achievements has achieved by Husen such as:
– 3rd winner Karate championship in city level, 2013
– 3rd winner Karate Student championship in POPDA level, February 2015
– 1st winner Karate Student championship in POPDA level, February 2016
– 3rd winner Karate Student championship in POPDA level, April 2016
– 1st winner of Male Junior Motion Rate in Central Java province, July 2016
– 1st winner Junior Karate in Central Java province, October 2016

Husen is a child who has a charismatic character, never complained and always obeys his parents. he always use his time to practice so that his dreams and ideals become an international level athlete can be realized.

“I want to be a child who is able to make my family proud in particular and especially for my beloved State in general, it is only because economic limitations today in the family, especially when I should leave my mother and father do not have the money for my departure later in December, I should be patient , if indeed my dream does not happen this time, I’m sure someday I would have been able to make it happen and I always believe in God who will make way for my convenience. “said Husen smiling.\

Newsroom/Ria Arianti

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