IBU HAMIL & MENYUSUI ANTUSIAS IKUTI KELAS IBU HAMIL RZPEKANBARU. Pregnancy & Breastfeeding class is one of several programs initiated in RZ’s RBG Clinic, one of them in Pekanbaru branch. This activity is routinely held every weekend with diverse materials. Implementing carried out at RZ’s RBG Clinic Pekanbaru Jl. Nenas No. 11, Kel. Jadirejo, Kec. Sukajadi on wednesday (18/01).


Pregnancy & Breastfeeding class this time is filled with exercises for pregnant women, led by midwife Putri, A.Md, Wis. A total of 11 people attended pregnant women participated in the exercise. They were very enthusiastic participated gymnastic activities. Their moved spiritedly although they are sometimes are disturbed by their baby who also participated in the activity.


“The exercise is very important for pregnant women. In particular to facilitate the process of childbirth, the gymnastic movements adapted to the conditions of pregnant women. Hopefully with the activities of Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Classes can further improve the health of mothers and their babies, “said midwife Putri on the sidelines of events.

Newsroom/Nurul Rahayu

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