ICD FASILITATOR RZ RAIH PENGHARGAAN KALPATARU PROVINSI SUMATERA SELATANDesti Fajarini, or commonly called Desti is the RZ’s ICD facilitator for RZ target area Prabumulih. Desti has been managing ICD Prabumulih since 5 years ago, and thanks to her ability to manage ICD Prabumulih, Desti brings ICD Prabumulih be one of the pilot throughout Indonesia, especially for Trash Bank program.

The Trash Bank she managed becomes master trash bank in Prabumulih. “If there are areas that would make the bank trash, they should be under supervision of Prabumulih Trash Bank (BSP) ” said Desti. These features certainly did not come easily, many challenges that he faced. “We were desperate back then, but I love this job. I have a promise to myself, I wanted to build Prabumulih, “said Desti.

In the early formation of trash bank, Desti willing to pick up the trash from house to house using her motorcycle, visiting every activity for socializing trash bank program, up to cooperate with the government.

“Alhamdulillah now we are already working together with the government, ranging from villages to the city government. Government gave us trash motorcycle, building, up to the machine. Insya Allah, this year we will have trash car”said Desti spiritedly.

Through Prabumulih Trash Bank Desti not only help the government in preserving the environment, but also help the welfare of local residents. “It feels good to help others. Savings in the BSP can be taken at any time if the customer has unexpected needs. In addition the trash become the second priority in the Gunung Kemala village after the rubber, “said Desti.

Her passion for the work and dedication to Wonosari citizens, Prabumulih led the 34 year old- women is awarded e Kalpataru 2016 in the category of Environmental Pioneer from the Governor of South Sumatra in Celebration of World Environment Day South Sumatra province which was held at Taman Kita Prabu Jaya, Prabumulih (01/08).

“Alhamdulillah I thank the RZ in initiating programs for the Environment who managed to deliver me as a facilitator Program in Prabumulih and awarded the Kalpataru South Sumatra Provincial level in 2016. Thanks also to all Prabumulih environment Volunteer. Without their support, I would not be able to do this alone.” Said Desti.


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