BANDA ACEH. A total of 1124 orphans received scholarships from Islamic Development Bank (IDB) and Rumah Zakat in Anjong Mon Mata, Aceh Governor’s Hall Pendopo, Sunday 21 January 2018.
The symbolic handover of the scholarship was made by the Head of Public Relations and Protocol Bureau of Aceh Mulyadi Nurdin representing the Governor of Aceh.

In a speech read by Mulyadi Nurdin, the Governor would like to thank Rumah Zakat Indonesia and Islamic Development Bank.

The activity is acknowledged that the Governor is very helpful to the Aceh Government program in providing protection to the people of Aceh, especially the orphans.

“Hopefully this good step can be developed by other non-government organizations, so our efforts to improve the quality of life and education for orphans in Aceh will continue to increase,” said the Governor.

To the orphans who receive the scholarship, the Governor also asks to make the aid as a motivation for more diligent learning in order to achieve what is aspired.

The governor explained, in Islam, the position of orphans received special attention.

In his speech, the Governor also quotes a number of verses of the Qur’an that mention the obligation to pay attention to orphans. The governor also said, there are many hadiths that describe how the love of the Messenger of Allah to the orphans.

“The duty and responsibility to care for orphans and the needy is our common task. In this regard, the Aceh Government through the vision of Aceh Carong is determined to make Acehnese children as smart children (carong) who are able to compete and carve out achievements at the regional and regional levels, “said the Governor.

One of them, continued the Governor, with the provision of scholarships for orphans and poor from basic education to higher education in State Universities.

Meanwhile, Muqni Affan, Program Manager of OKP, IDB Indonesia, said the scholarship is an OKI and IDB program since 2006 to help orphaned Aceh Tsunami children for a period of 15 years with help from various parties and from various Islamic countries including Saudi, Qatar, Kuwait, Turkey, Malaysia, and Russia.

“Up to now 5332 orphans actively receive assistance every month channeled through 3 national humanitarian agencies: Rumah Zakat, PKPU and BMM (Baitulmal Muamalat),” he said.

The orphans who get help are spread in several areas in Aceh, Banda Aceh, Aceh Besar, Sabang, Pidie, Pidie Jaya and Aceh Utara.

He explains every month orphans get the assistance of 24 US dollars that directly into their accounts at banks directly channeled by the three implementing agencies of the program.

“Every year the donation to orphans in Aceh approximately 25 billion dollars more and until now more than 11 years the program is running,” he said.

He hopes that the program will be run well for the benefit of Acehnese orphans.

He also said that in addition to IDB orphans who received a new account book from Bank Aceh today, there are also orphaned children of Kafalah Indonesia Foundation in Bireuan and Aceh Jaya areas through Rumah Zakat.


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