BANDUNG. The competition is an event that is usually followed by elementary school students of SD Juara Paragon Cimahi. The school believes that every child has their own potential. Schools are tasked with facilitating every potential that grows and develops.

SD Juara Paragon Cimahi has the slogan that every child is a champion. This is what drives schools to include students in various competitions. If possible, every student must participate in a race.

“Trophy, medals or certificates are not everything when you take part in a race. But values ​​such as resilience, not giving up, sportsmanship both during preparation and during the race is far more important, “said the deputy headmaster, Suryani, S.Pd.I

On Sunday (7/4) 12 students participated in a drawing competition held by Kampoeng Dongeng in Bandung Book Festival activities at Landmark Jl. Braga, Bandung.

All students try very well when participating in the competition. Some parents gave their testimony witnessing the sincerity and enthusiasm of their sons and daughters for the race.

“my daughter continue to participate in the race even though she is sick, I have persuade her to take a break but still want to continue” Aqilah’s mother said

“This is the first time for Halizah to take part in the competition, it was very enthusiastic when I was trusted to take part in the competition, before each meeting she always ask, ma’am when is there a competition?” Said Suryani, S.Pd.I told about Halizha (4th grade). The same is true for Alya’s mother (grade 4) who conveyed how much her daughter was very happy and excited to take part in this competition.

Luckily from 12 participants who were school envoys, 2 of them were champions namely Hasna Aqillah (class 4) won 1st place and Keira (5th grade) won 2nd place for drawing grade 4 – 6 elementary school.

“Congratulations and keep the spirit to continue to preserve, the champions,” added Suryani.


Jajang Sudarsa / Lailatul Istikhomah

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