INDOSAT OOREDOO - RZ GELAR AKSI SIAGA SEHAT DI 3 LOKASI BENCANA DI PURWOREJOPURWOREJO. RZ once again establishes cooperation with Indosat Ooredoo in providing quality and free health care to the community. In this case the action was carried out in two consecutive days on Thursday and Friday (24-25 June) in three villages, namely Delangu village, Jelok village and Pituruh village.

On Thursday (06/24) the action was carried out at 10:00 to 14:30 in Delangu village, Butuh District, Purworejo regency with free health screening services and supplementary feeding.

The Health action was attended by the village head of Delangu village along with other staffs. 3 people from Indosat Ooredoo representatives attended along with Mr. Medy who gave a speech.

“The Health action in flooded areas have started from the registration process, followed by weighing, blood pressure check. After that followed by a medical examination by a doctor, there was also specific recommendation for metabolic check, followed by the administration of medicine and supplementary feeding in the form of milk and biscuits ” Warjita Explained.

The team involved in this action there are two doctors, two nurses, one medical record, 3 pharmacists, 2 drivers, 1 PIC, and 2 Volunteer, for action on that day the number of recipients as many as 200 people.

On the next day on Friday (06/25) Indosat Ooredoo Health Action held from 09:00 until 14:30 in the other villages in Purworejo regency which is Jelok villages, Kaligesing districts which is another area affected by landslides.

As in previous days, the occasion was given free health screening services and supplementary feeding. In this action was attended by Mr. Eko from Indosat Ooredoo. As for the sound alert action day has been successfully serving 135 Beneficiaries.

And on the third day, Saturday (06/26) healthy standby action carried out from 11:00 to 15:00 in the Pituruh village Purworejo regency is also among the flood affected areas. There are a number of 158 beneficiaries were present on the third day. In total during the three-day implementation of the Action have managed to serve 493 beneficiaries in three villages in Purworejo Regency.


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