4 RZ’S FOCUS IN 2017

ini-4-fokus-rz-pada-2017REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA

In 2016, RZ provides benefits to more than 1.2 million people. RZ’S CEO, Nur Efendi said that in 2017, RZ will focus on four things. First, RZ will try to explore advocacy area which focuses on pressing the inequality as advocating a policy area that is less pro-poor to be pro-poor.


Second, because many land owned by non-indigenous community, then RZ want to acquire land that is to be submitted to the society into productive land as agricultural land.


Third, this year, RZ wants to focus on adding assisted village. In 2016 the village under RZ guidance reached 800 villages. In 2017, RZ will add 400 assisted villages so expect total village built RZ could reach about 1,200 villages. In each assisted village, RZ put a companion to help bring out a superior product of that village.


In 2017, RZ also hopes to increase corporate zakat collection by 20 percent. In 2016 the corporate zakat collection alone grew 10 percent over the previous year due influenced economic growth is relatively stagnant.


“Such conditions gave no effect on Zakah retail. At the time of sluggish economic growth, the community shared more frequent” said Efendi.

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