INI DATA BANTUAN RZ UNTUK KORBAN GEMPA PIDIE ACEHBANDA ACEH – 33rd Day after the Earthquake in Aceh, RZ Volunteers continue to provide service to the people affected by the disaster.


Manager of RZ Aceh, Riadhi said that until Today (01/11) RZ has mobilized 70 volunteers, nine doctors, two psychologists and two assistants, third Ambulance unit, 1 unit Car Clinic, 1 Water tank cars, and 12 operational vehicles.


“We also built a public kitchen in Gampong  Mesjid Tuha, but has ended on December 16, and has provided 37 400 food portions, to 1,700 refugees. The public kitchen at Ara Gampong Deah Pangwa ended on December 21, have provided as many as 10 540 servings. For 340 refugees, “he said.


Riadhi said RZ made a public kitchen in Deah Teumanah ended December 21have provided 10,000 servings for 500 refugees. The public kitchen in Gampong Mesjid, Pante Raja district ended on December 20 which served 7,500 servings for 500 refugees.


“Health services have been implemented have served 1,754 patients. Services playing with children for nine days has served 400 children, “he said.


Riadhi  also said that RZ provided logistical support in the 6 point, they are Gampong Mesjid Tuha kec Meuredu, Dusun Balai Ara Deyah Pangwa, Gampong Deyah Pangwa Kec Trienggading. Gampong Deyah Teumanah, Meunasah Gampong Mee Pangwa, dan Gampong Kuta Pangwa with 3,200 as beneficiaries.


RZ also held trauma healing in Teumanah Deyah which served 165 children. Also fresh post served 1,600 volunteers and communities.


Riadhi said, RZ distribute 140,000 liters of clean water in Trienggadeng and District Meureudu since December 29, 2016 and ended on January 6, 2017.


“The point of distribution for water is Trienggadeng Salur District (Gp Peulandok Tunong, Rawa Sari, Mee Pangwa, Kuta Pangwa, Deah Pangwa) District Meuredu (Gp meunasah Balek, Pante Beurenee),” he said.


Riadhi admitted, RZ also distributed 105 School packets (school bag, Notebook, Balpoint, pencils, pencil boxes, rulers, color pencils and socks) in SDN Cubo, Bandar Baru district..


According to Riadhi, enterprising RZ since January 9, 2017 RZ has done several action such as deploying 4 volunteers, school supplies, preparation for renovating meunasah DEE, preparing for renovation latrines and installing a Water Filtration in meunasah Balek, Meuredu district.


“We are, symbolically handed over 1000 bags of cement synergies of  PT.Tower Bersama Insfratructure, Tbk and RZ to citizens affected by the earthquake in Gampong Mee, Peudeuk Tringgadeng subdistrict, Pidie Jaya,” said Riadhi.


Several local cadres present in this event, geucik Gampong Mee Peudeuk, Erliadi, Chief Bussiness Support Mr. Lie Si An, Director of RZ Asep Nurdin, Branch Manager of RZ Aceh, Riadhi.


Asep Nurdin, said that RZ grateful for synergies with Joint PT.Tower Bersama Insfratructure, Tbk.


“Hopefully, it can benefit the people affected by the earthquake in Pidie Jaya,” said Asep Nurdin.


In a press release, Riadhi added assistance of the people of Aceh and has gradually been distributed nationally until the recovery takes place.

“May Allah reward donator with the best reward” said Riadhi.


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