When the stomach was so full and tight, or even looks a little bigger, you may be experiencing flatulence. Sometimes, the condition is also accompanied by symptoms of excessive flatulence and belching makes discomfort.

One cause of flatulence is the consumption of foods that contain a lot of excess gas. What are these foods?

Reported by Bold Sky, here’s some list of foods that can make flatulence:


Legumes, such as peas actually very good to eat as healthy and low in calories. However, it also contains oligosaccharides, types of sugar molecules that are difficult to digest and make peurt have to work extra, and ultimately make the flatulence.


Cabbage is a vegetable that is known triggering excessive gas in the stomach. Preferably, this vegetable is avoided as a lunch menu so that your activity is not interrupted due to flatulence.

Strong> Grain

Wheat has a high protein known as gluten. Many people are sensitive to the protein content and sometimes trigger excessive gas in the stomach.


Potatoes contain starch that is known to produce excessive gas in the stomach. Instead, replace the potato with other carbohydrate menu for lunch, so you can do your activities without flatulence.


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