664xauto-manfaat-tersembunyi-dari-kulit-jeruk-yang-jarang-diketahui-160906o When you eat an orange, you would throw away the skin. This habit is indeed a lot of people do. But if you know the benefits of orange skin, maybe you’ll regret doing that.

As it turned out, not only in its fruit, plenty vitamin also contained in orange skin. Besides rich in vitamin C, orange skin also contains nutrients and flavonoid futonutrien more than orange fruit itself.

Here are some benefits of orange skin:

Make skin smooth
When you have shower, add orange skin on your bath brush. Scrubbing it like you’re soaped, this can make your skin tone becomes brighter and cause natural fragrant aroma from orange skin extract.

Eliminate acne
Dry orange skin and then crushed it into a powder. After that, add the milk, then make a mask to your face that has the problem of acne, your acne will disappear.

Solve premature aging
Apparently, orange skin also contains antioxidants that can fight free radicals and tackle wrinkles. Mix 1 orange skin powder with honey and oatmeal, once mixed apply on face and leave for 30 minutes then rinse with clean water


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