ini-keceriaan-anak-juara-mtt-pekanbaruPEKANBARU. Majelis Ta’lim Telkomsel (MTT) of Sumbagteng Regional together with RZ distributed scholarships to 72 children Champion MTT simultaneously in two different places at Al-Ikhwan Mosque Jl. Siak Masjid Darul Amal II and Jl. hang Tuah, Pekanbaru, Sunday (12/11). In addition to the distribution of scholarships, children obtain mentoring in the form of guidance to read the Qur’an continued with study group. Each group is accompanied by a mentor who guides them read the Qur’an at once convey materials about knowledge of Islam.

At this time the distribution of scholarships, Juara children also received a special gift from MTT Sumbagteng such as books and stationery as well as nutritious food in order to encourage those who will face the semester exams. Regional coordinator of MTT Sumbagteng, Hetri said, “Hopefully, books and stationery can be used in the next semester.”

This event was also attended by the parents. While waiting for their children to follow the mentoring, they also participated in the Parenting School as the material delivered by Ustadz Syahrul Padhilah, about educating children with good character.

Happiness radiated from the faces of Juara Children. The plan, scholarships which will be used to buy school supplies, Abel Abdian, MTT champion child class 2 SD said, “Abel delighted with this scholarship. With this money I can buy books “he added.


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