INI LADANG AMAL LAINNYA DI BALIK BAJU LAYAK PAKAIBEKASI. Sharing Worth Wear Clothes is a program from RZ Bekasi volunteer, which was inspired from an action in November 2016. At that time, RZ Volunteer faced stacking of aid from donators, such as Worth Wear Clothes or commonly abbreviated PLP in the house one of the volunteers and also in Volunteers Basecamp. There are a lot of PLP until it is stacked in the front room .


When the PLP cannot be managed properly, coupled limitations carrier fleet to distribute, and disaster preparedness action has been insurmountable. Some volunteers used this opportunity, first they tried to sell some boxes of clothes around the house and also held in Basecamp’s courtyard, offer the PLP to the public at affordable prices, buy cheap PLP at a time can participate in charity.


” Alhamdulillah… This effort is welcome and desirable, clothes sell well, the next day returned to sell PLP again, and there was continued until today, twice a week,” said Nurannida, Volunteer of RZ Bekasi, (01/16).

“Thank you to the volunteers who have inspired, thanks to the donators who have been donating clothes and thanks enthusiastic people to buy the clothes and share at the same time.” Continued Nurannida.


Hopefully this program can continue to run in the future, in addition to the collection PLP for disaster, the management of PLP is also useful for other social activities, such as Volunteer Expedition, Gifts for Dhuafa, medical assistance and so on. Simply put, helping others can be all sorts of ways, one of which Share Worth Wear Clothes, For Social Work.


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