Inilah-Trik-Bangunkan-Anak-untuk-Sahur Waking up for sahur may be another excitement for the family. Not only children, even adults do not understand the blessing in Sahur they may prefer to pull the covers and went to sleep. Then it should have been when we wake up children for sahur, we should use distinctive tricks. Because the moment you wake up is quite crucial in shaping his mood that day, then the way we wake up the children should become activities that are comfortable for children.

Here are the tricks that we can try on to our children.

1. Give the lag time to rouse at least five minutes before the meal

For example, we are accustomed to eat a meal at 04.00, then at 03:55 A.M we’ve had to approach the child. Longer duration is better. Because we can more slowly wake the children up.

2. Wake the children up gently

Caress the children’s head, calling her/his name softly, or even, there are some children in order to make them wake up they love to be kissed on the cheek or repeatedly rubbed on his back . Wake them up in the most convenient ways to wake them up for sahur.

3. To make children wake up soon for sahur, we can also prepare a simple gift. Some examples of gifts for sahur is as follows:

– Making the preferred sahur menu for children.

– Telling compelling stories during the meal.

– Bringing the discussion about the menu for iftar.

4. Lead the children to the dining room
Once the child wake up, maybe he still staggered steps. Treat them gently and guided up to the dinner table. Give him a glass of water to be more awake and fell fresh.

Hopefully, these tricks can make children excited to wake up for sahur.

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