INSPIRATIF, RIZKA KUMPULKAN 500 RIBU UNTUK QURBANPEKANBARU Rizka Kurniati Effendi, 3rd grade student of SD Juara Pekanbaru managed to make her teacher shed tears.

Early morning Rizka already arrived at the school. Eagerly, Rizka hurried to the staff room to meet with her homeroom teacher.

“Mrs, This is my money for qurbany.” She said, handing a white envelope marked 500,000 rupiahs.

Her Teacher was stunned for a moment, “This is a lot. is this all for qurbany? “Asked the teacher to make sure, at school there is a corwd funding for buying goats to be slaughtered at Eid al-adha, where each student can infaq according to their ability and is directed from the allowance. But, the money from Rizka is too much for children.

“Yes, ma’am, these all for qurbany, this is my saving money ” Rizka replied with a cheery smile.

Her teacher smiling with tears in her eyes, “Alhamdulillah, thank you Rizka. Rizka is so smart able to save money for qurbany. “He said as she stroked rizka’s head gently.

Some of us may think Rizka come from a rich family that has big allowance so that she can provide great infaq for qurbany but in fact Rizka does not come from rich family. Rizka’s father works as a cobbler with an income that is not big and erratic. Rizka allowance is clearly limited, but the breadth of his heart is not limited.

Rizka , a little girl with all his heart is willing to spend his savings on a joint Qurban. She gives the best she could do.

Newsroom/Ria Arianti

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