INTAN, ANAK JUARA RUMAH ZAKAT LAUNCHING KARYA PERTAMANYA.BANJARNEGARA. (21/03) Krisma Intan Pratama (14 Th) is 7th grade student at SMPN 1 Banjarnegara Sigaluh, she is one of those extraordinary kids who are given the ability to write and having good analysis. Intan so her nickname is one recipient of Anak Juara scholarship Rumah Zakat in Bojanegara Village Sigaluh Banjarnegara.

Intan is an orphan who was born with parents who are Hindu, and now converts to Islam. The girl who never give up and wanted to be the best, her achievement is always be the best in her class, gets good academic performance, several times also retrace the short story writing competition and get the champion to provincial level.

And finally her dream come true, last week book she wrote together with his friends who called the Goresan Tinta Emas launched. She is very happy and become more enthusiasts to achieve her dreams that have not been achieved.

“One of my dreams is to write a book, and today thank God I was able to realize my dream, I also became more eager to reach my dreams” Intan said excitedly.

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