GORONTALO. Saturday (03/06) night, floods again hit Lekobalo region, precisely in Lekobalo Village, Kota Barat District RT 03/01, Gorontalo City. The incident occurred at 09:18 pm.


The intensity of rain that flushed Gorontalo since Thursday, (06/01) resulted in the lake’s water rose and spread to residents’ house who are around the lake. At the time of the incident, the rain happened from 02.25 pm until 09.18 pm. The lake water rose and entered resident’s house.


According to a note from the Head of the Environment in Lekobalo Village, the number of affected victims is 218 houses, 350 families and 1273 residents. Until now, the urgent needs of the people are clean water, fast food, medicines, blankets or sarongs.


With the occurrence of flood disaster in Lekobalo, Rumah Zakat Volunteers team deployed 4 volunteers distributing 150 packs of rice and mineral water.


Newsroom / Dea Sukmara


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