2203 INVESTASI PALING MENGUNTUNGKANIn the discussion of the economy, investment is defined as a form of accumulation of assets / property in hopes of earning a profit in the future, usually referred to a capital investment.

Speaking about the investment, the average person will remember various non-real investment products such as mutual funds, stocks and so forth. Or may buy land, houses, gold and buy other properties that expected to gain many profit from it. Such investment is profitable. But do not forget, you only gain profit for your worldly life, how about the afterlife?

Even non real investment can result a loss for after life. Because most of the profit from it is usury, something which Allah forbids, then what is profitable investment until we can feel even in eternal life later? At least there are a few things:

First, a book.

Never feel loss buy books. As it turns out a book can be a valuable asset to you. What for? to add your horizons, to enlighten your thinking and to embed the intellect in you.

When we buy a book consist of Islamic kindness, and goodness that we spread imagine the reward that we get. The reward is increasingly doubled when the goodness is increasingly spread from person to person. How come I can remember this?

Yeah, yesterday I got a good material from Cik Gu Apu Indragiri through the Academy of Creative Writing Group WA. The discussion is about “Books are a Precious Investment”.

Second, pious children

Most people are no doubt aware that a child is a worthwhile investment. Hence, for the sake of the child’s parents are willing to sacrifice time, energy, thoughts and possessions to take care of and educate so that he could be independent and later can support parents in old age.

Such understanding was not entirely wrong since it is the obligation of children, particularly boys to take care of his parents when they aged. But there is more important thing that children are an investment in the hereafter. That is, the prayers of children can deliver a parent to heaven.

Quran rote of children can make their parents the most beautiful gift of Allah robes someday in heaven. Then take care of your children as Allah wills. Make them the obedient servant of the Lord who created them. Insha allah, your sacrifice will not be in vain because the father’s mother will be benefited in heaven.

Third, alms.

Islam is unique, unique teachings. If in the view of man, handed over the money freely to others or buy an object for others means to reduce property but in the view of Islam, the treasure wherewithal precisely because faith, that’s actually a Muslim’s property, endless not in vain, because it bring reward.

For Muslims, merits are as the provisions that would save the fate on the day of reckoning. Islam recommends then do not hesitate to give alms, let alone as perpetual alms. Perpetual alms are like building a mosque or to produce works in the form of helpful books for example, then it would be a worthwhile investment. Later, the reward will continue to flow even though we’ve left the world.

Fourth, Da’wah

Activities to convey the truth of Islam as the Prophet and his companions took great sacrifice. Preachers not gain money, but have to sacrifice power, time, thought, property and even lives.

Da’wah activity definitely consumes most of our lives, to the portion for the money is reduced. But rest assured that the sacrifices it is a worthwhile investment. Again, the reward is merit from Allah.

Allah has purchased of the believers their wealth and their lives for a fee of heaven. Anyone who spent their lives in the way of Allah, to convey the truth of their religion to the Islamic awakening, insya allah, he will get advantage in his afterlife. Allaah knows best.

By: Eva Arlini, SE

Alumni of Economic faculty of Muslim Nusantara Medan University


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