MAGELANG. On Friday (03/11), a devotional work was held at Al-Amin Mosque in Sikepan 1, Bringin, Srumbung on Friday Clean Event. This work was done in cooperation of Rumah Zakat and Extensionist of Islam in Srumbung sub-district.

This Clean Friday event was conducted by religious trainers of 10 people, consisting of extensionist of Functional Islam as well as extensionist of Non NIP religion and some people of Dusun Sikepan 1.

They consist of Kyai in Srumbung sub-district. They are part of the Magelang Regency Kemenag which is based in KUA Srumbung district. They looked so happy joining the spirit of Sikepan 1 community who became the empowered village of Rumah Zakat to clean Al-Amin mosque.

Martini, the facilitator of Rumah Zakat is very happy to be able to participate in this program. “I hope it can be the beginning of the Clean Friday program for the community in Sikepan 1 Hamlet, in the times or weeks to come.” Martini said.

The event was started by cleaning up and in a little speech from Ahsin Fuady, the representative of the Islamic Counselor, continued the remarks from Mr. H. Jumarli from the community representatives, at the end of this event is to eat together.

This clean Friday event was also followed by Mrs. Azizah Herawati, the National Islamic Counselor of 2015.

“Beautiful togetherness to join the community” said Azizah while sweeping the yard.


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