Eyes are one of the organs that are very important in supporting daily activities. Unfortunately, the symptoms of eye problems do not always appear clearly and are often overlooked.

Some eye problems such as conjunctivitis may be easily treated and do not pose a serious health risk. But some other eye problems can cause serious problems such as blindness and even life threatening. One of them is the problem of eye cancer.

Although the symptoms of eye cancer sometimes do not appear clearly, there are some changes that can be considered. This change is not only related to the physical appearance of the eye but also changes in vision.

According to the NHS, there are six changes in the eye that may be related to eye cancer. One of them is the appearance of shadows, flashes of light and wavy lines on the field of view. In addition, the view can also change to become more blurred. Not infrequently, eye cancer causes a partial or total loss of vision.

In terms of physical appearance, eye cancer can be accompanied by the appearance of dark spots on the eyes that are getting bigger. Other changes can be in the form of eyes that appear more prominent than other eyes. Eye cancer can also be accompanied by the appearance of lumps on the eyelids or eyes that grow in size.

“These symptoms can be caused by minor problems in the eye, so it is not always a sign of cancer,” the NHS said as quoted by Express.

The most important thing that needs to be done is to see an ophthalmologist if you find these changes. That way, eye cancer or other eye problems can be treated more quickly.

One of the most common types of eye cancer is melanoma in the eye. Eye melanoma generally affects the eyeball, but this condition can also affect the conjunctiva, a thin layer that covers the front of the eye or eyelid.

Eye melanoma occurs when cells that produce pigments in the eye divide and multiply very quickly. This condition will trigger tumors.

In general, cancer of the eye can also occur in the tissue surrounding the eyeball. The eye can also get cancer due to the spread of cancer from other parts of the body such as lung cancer or breast cancer.


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