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Eating food in a hurry can be very detrimental. Although being busy every day feels one needs to be in a rush, chewing without thinking is a bad habit.

Children must always be given time to process and enjoy food. If you are a person who likes to eat quickly, this is the reason why you should stop.

1. Overeating.

One of the main reasons a person has to slow down when eating is because it can cause you to eat too much. Overeating can cause unnecessary weight gain. When the brain is not given time to realize that the stomach is full, it can make a person eat more and consume more calories.

2. Risk of obesity.

Obesity is a global problem and attacks those who have the habit of eating quickly. Other obesity factors lack the willingness to be active and have a poor diet.

3. Poor digestion.

People who eat quickly bite large portions of food and swallow their food without chewing it properly. Sometimes they immediately drink water or other drinks. This is a bad eating habit because it makes food indigestible properly and causes irritation.

4. Insulin resistance.

As reported by Indian Express, Wednesday (4/12), it is believed that eating quickly can cause insulin resistance, characterized by high blood sugar and insulin levels. Slow down when eating your meal. Don’t skip meals, because when you eat, you feel excessive hunger and tend to eat more than you should.

When eating, avoid sitting in front of the television and/or computer screen. Because it can distract and make you lose count of how much has been swallowed.

Chew your food carefully before swallowing. You can also try to take small bites and put down your fork or spoon after each bite.


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