Sipping hot tea in the morning is one habit that cannot be separated from the Indonesian lifestyle. Moreover, if the tea is sweet.

This custom was still carried away while fasting. When breaking and dawn, drink this one could not be abandoned. But, good drinking tea in the anticipated time should be eliminated. Because, when drinking tea after the meal, the nutrients contained in those foods will be neutralized by tea.

Also, do not drink tea on an empty stomach because it can increase the production of stomach acid. Therefore, do not immediately drink tea when fasting.

Tea can actually backfire for Muslims fasting. Because, liquids such as tea and coffee has properties that contrasts with the white water. Instead of adding body fluids, they both turned draining.

Tea, coffee, and alcoholic drinks are included in the group of diuretics that it will reduce the body fluids. Not surprisingly, a lot of people who drink tea have complained of suffocation at dawn when at 7-8 in the morning. Therefore, it is not advisable to consume this drink during fasting

Basically, the loss of body fluids due to 1 cup of tea, to be replaced with 3 glasses of water in the same amount. That is why, it is suggested that we are to maintain the freshness of the body during fasting through the white water. Insert any liquid into the body it cannot be good forever.

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