0305 JANGAN SIA SIAKAN KEPERCAYAAN ORANG PADA KITATrust is expensive. That is the stigma that has been circulating and it is true. Trust is very expensive and cannot be compared with wealth and material. Trust can go easily, but it’s hard to come. With this belief means that there will be a mandate we hold.

This trust can be found in everyday life. Maybe we are currently in a state of trust by others. With the attitude of believing in us, it signals that person put extraordinary trust to us. That way, we are also required to keep it.

Why are we obliged to keep the trust that others give us? Of course because if one time we break that trust, it’s hard for others to believe back to us. If this has happened then our lives will also suffer huge losses.

There are many forms of belief that we can see clearly, one example is the frequent giving of orders. The order can come anywhere, not least when working in the office. But many also consider the command as a negative thing. However, we set aside the negative side because we can judge which commands are negative or positive.

When we are ordered to do something by the boss, then the boss is indirectly put trust in us. He thinks we are capable of doing that well, similarly, when the command is opposite to the work that we often do everyday.

Never regard a command as a burden. Instead we should feel lucky because with the command will make us trained. In addition to trained in listening to the command, also certainly trained to maintain the trust given.

What Are The Consequences When Disposing Others’ Beliefs?

We may not realize our attitudes can discard the trust given. If we often do that, by mistake gradually the confidence of people will be eroded. If it is so then over time will run out of their belief on us.

So, what if the trust of people no longer exists to us? Obviously, we will find it hard to regain that trust. The difficulty will be more difficult if we do it to people other than family. In fact, even family status may feel disappointed with the loss of trust they give.

There are many cases that can cause the trust to be lost. A small example is to have an affair after being considered faithful by a spouse, drinking when judged good by the parents, and doing something stupid when calculated to be promoted by the boss.

Maybe from all that can be solved by saying the word “sorry,” but not necessarily make the trust will come back as usual.

This is what we must understand in depth why belief is so great, beyond matter. It is our duty to trust each other because the effect is judgment in the eyes of others.



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