BANDUNG. In September 2017 West Java Government held a concern for the humanitarian tragedy that occurred in Rakhine State, Myanmar. The action was held from the joint walk from Pusdai to Gedung Sate (08/09), expressing statement of Forum Komunikasi Umat Beragama, to concrete fundraising step.

The fundraising of West Java Care Rohingya was distributed through a series of humanitarian programs for Rohingya citizens in Myanmar and Bangladesh, managed by Rumah Zakat. The transfer of funds from West Java to Rohingya was conducted at Masjid Al Muttaqin, Gedung Sate, Bandung, on Monday (18/09) morning directly by West Java Governor, Ahmad Heryawan. “The West Java Movement of Concern is part of an international appeal, that we must alleviate the burden of the oppressed Rohingya. They lose their rights as citizens, even as human beings. Therefore, assistance should be given in various aspects to be comprehensive,” explained Ahmad Heryawan.

Rumah Zakat as the initiator and committee of the Humanity Alliance of Indonesia for Myanmar (AKIM), became the main partner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Myanmar conflict resolution. Alliances are formed to make the program workable in Myanmar more sustainable, at least within the next two years. Not only in Myanmar, the program will also run in Bangladesh, which until now is estimated to have accommodated at least 800,000 Rohingya refugees. Therefore, the collaboration between humanitarian agencies, the government of the Republic of Indonesia, and the UN becomes a necessity for the program to touch the main areas and issues of conflict in the long run.

“Rumah Zakat itself has been implementing an assistance program for Rohingya citizens since 2015. September 2017 alone, the humanitarian team Rumah Zakat has realized the direct program distribution for Rohingya refugees in Sittwe – Myanmar, and Cox’s Bazar – Bangladesh,” said Noor Yahya, Chief Program Officer of Zakat House. Noor Yahya also explained that in addition to refugees estimated at 370,000 people since August 25, 2017, the condition of Rohingya Moslems in internal Myanmar also need attention because they are limited space and supply of resources.

“Therefore the Provincial Government and West Java Baznas took Rumah Zakat in the realization of this program Jabar Peduli Rohingya. Collaboration and humanity alliance is important to be worked on in the long run. Starting from West Java, Indonesia, and the world, hope this humanitarian tragedy can be stopped immediately,” said Ahmad Heryawan when delivering aid funds.

“Rumah Zakat sent its humanitarian team again to the border region of Bangladesh and Myanmar starting this week (17/09). Teams and help will be sent undulating, maximum of fortnightly. This is so that the team’s rhythm and the amount of aid can be adjusted to the latest conditions in the field,” added Noor Yahya.


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