JELANG RAMADHAN, ANAK BINAAN DESA QURAN TAGETKAN HAFAL 4 JUZTASIKMALAYA. The month of Ramadan is called the month of the Quran because in it Allah crates the Quran as guidance for mankind to the path of truth, and as a differentiator between the truth and the bad.


Quran is the source of all Islamic law.  Quran delivered to Prophet Muhammad PBUH for the whole mankind. After knowing the position Quran, then as a Muslim, we are obliged to regard al-Qur`an. We do deeds of kindness related to the noble book.


Ahead of Ramadan children under guidance of Rumah Wakaf Indonesia and Rumah Zakat in Tasikmalaya region competes in completing and memorizing the Quran. Mayseni, Ghinan, Shofi and Dillahave a high commitment to be able to add their Quran memorization at the end of Ramadan. Seni revealed “I want to add my rote during I learn in this Quran village together with Ustdz Egis, so that later I can give the crown to both my parents in heaven.” Seni is still young yet she thinks about the gift of crown for her father and mother in the afterlife.


“We should be able to support and facilitate the ideals of Children hopes to make this a better nation “Revealed Soleh Hidayat, director of Rumah Wakaf Indonesia


Currently, The rote of the four children had reached four chapters but one of them called Shofi n has reached 15 chapters. While Seni Ginan and  Dilla reach 3-4 chapters. Their expectations ahead of Ramadan 1430 H this time targeting can add up to 4 chapter of memorization.


Ambassador of Rumah wakaf Indonesia will give special school equipment for the four children if they have reached the target.


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