TASIK. High intensity heavy in Tasikmalaya and its surroundings (6/11) caused three sub-districts to be flooded, including the Cipatujah, Karang Nunggal and Culamega Districts.

In addition to submerging the three sub-districts, the overflow of the river also caused a break in the Cipatujah Bridge which is the main access road connecting Garut and Tasik.

The break of the bridge did not undermine the intention and enthusiasm of Rumah Zakat Volunteers to help the victims and channel the donors’ trust.

Friday (9/11) Rumah Zakat Bandung volunteers went down to the location to help and distribute logistical needs. A total of 200 Superqurban, 54 basic food packages were distributed to 54 families in Kampung Jajaway, Cipatujah Village who were affected by the flood. Not only that, the volunteer team also provided motivation for the families who were there.

Mrs. Nur (45 years old), one of the beneficiaries said thank you and felt happy for the presence of volunteers and the assistance that has been given.

“Alhamdulillah, indeed there is not much assistance that we can give, but at least we are trying to ease their burden,” said Derry, Rumah Zakat Volunteer.


Lailatul Istikhomah

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