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Around a third of the 8.2 million people in Jordan are refugees, including 2.1 million people from Palestine, 656,000 people from Syria and 59,000 people from Iraq.

Rumah Zakat continue to provide food aid, warm clothing, clean water and education to those in the refugee camps. We also share during Ramadhan and Qurban, “In order for Syrian refugees to feel the same happiness as the Indonesian people, at this Eid al-Adha moment Rumah Zakat gives 10 goats and 1 cow to be slaughtered,” said Andri Murdianto, Crisis Center of Rumah Zakat, August 24, 2018.

The goats and cows given are slaughtered directly by refugees in the Mafrag and Romtsah Provinces of Jordan which are provinces inhabited by many Syrian refugees and they are refugees who have just come from Syria and have only lived 2 years in Jordan.

It is our honour and happiness to be able to deliver the amanah for Syrian refugees and we hope to continue to do so!