The figure of the companion of the Prophet SAW Bilal bin Rabah is an example of how Islam elevates the whole human race, be it a bright and dark skin. This religion teaches, piety is a determinant factor of noble status before God. Treasures, descendants, and political power are merely mere excerpts from the Creator.

A hadith narrated by Imam Muslim tells how the levels of piety of Bilal bin Rabah. One day, Rasulullah SAW was about to perform the dawn prayers in the mosque. He ran into Bilal and said to him, “Bilal, tell me the deeds of your deeds that you would most appreciate in Islam. Because, tonight I (dreamed) heard your voice in front of me in heaven. ”

“None of the deeds I have ever done that I would have hoped for more in Islam than by always praying (sunna) as best as I have finished performing ablution perfectly, day and night,” Bilal replied.

Bilal’s faith has been tested in the early days of Islamic da’wah. At that time, Rasulullah SAW spread Islam secretly. Bilal bin Rabah immediately embraced Islam. In fact, at that time, Bilal was still a slave. The lowest status is an inheritance.


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