KEDIRI. Nutrition Garden cadresĀ  started planting of herb plants on Sunday (11/12). The program is the result of synergy from Rumah Zakat and Cita Sehat as a public health parent in Ngadiluwih Village, Kediri District.

Beni, Public Health Cita Sehat Kediri said about the planting of TOGA is the implementation of public health program. “The TOGA planting agenda is a continuation agenda of public helath program, which has previously been counseled to the cadres regarding the benefits of herbs plants,” said Beni.

The land that is the location of the Nutrition Garden is an empty land owned by the people. The members of cadres counted of 12 people. “TOGA Garden is a development of Nutrition Garden, so the land has its own portion of 100 meters. At this initial planting, has been planted sebnyak 50 types of medicinal plants, “said Maya, the responsible garden of the Garden Nutrition.

TOGA Subur Makmur in Ngadiluwih built area is TOGA which is accompanied directly by herbalist expert in Kediri, that is Wahyu Alam. Periodically, he and team of Healthy Cita and Rumah Zakat guide the cadres to be consistent in doing the planting and maintenance of TOGA in Ngadiluwih region.

“Alhamdulillah, can be part of Nutrition Garden in Ngadiluwih. We learned a lot about farming, especially vegetables and fruits. Plus it is now studying about medicinal plants. So later if there is a minor illness, just use the herbal medicine we planted ourselves, “said Saeroji (40), one of Ngadiluwih Nutrition cadres.


Newsroom/ Nurul Rahayu

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