RZ LDKO CilegonSEMARANG. Plamongsari is a suburban area which is located on the border of Semarang and Demak. Local people of Plamongsari live in harmony and most of them work as farmer, traditional merchant, and laborer.

However, they did not really aware on the importance of environmental preservation. Most of them many of them are accustomed to throw garbage in the river and vacant land. Therefore, Supiati, Ana, Sudartik and Satiyem initiated to support the implementation of environmental preservation through waste bank program named Rehat Waste Bank.

Rehat Waste Bank located in Pedurungan Integrated Community Development. It has been established since 2014. To introduce it and civilize environmental preserving program, the management of waste bank and some volunteers of RZ implement regular socialization of waste bank benefits to local people.

Through participating in waste bank community, the member will be introduced to the various types of waste and how to sort, manage, and sell them. In addition, they are also trained to produce valuable product by recycling waste.

Considering the benefits of waste bank program, local government also gives a full support toward the implementation of waste bank there. “Hopefully, the presence of waste bank could persuade people to be more aware toward environmental preservation,” Supiati (45), a cadre of waste bank, said. ***

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