kampus-relawan-manajemen-perjalanan-danMalang.(25/11) in order to give a briefing to prospective volunteers, Volunteer of RZ’s Komite Relawan Nusantara held pre-basic training Malang branch held with the theme of Travel Management and Survival on Sunday (20/8). Housed in Latar Ombo area in the back of Mount Panderman Ombo, pre-basic training that followed by approximately 30 volunteers and prospective volunteers presented Yudha Pandu Kristiawan as a speaker who is KRN volunteer well as practitioners. Walking 5km with uphill and steep hill journey did not make the spirit of the participant downs to reach destinations and follow a series of pre-basic training activities.

The speaker shared knowledge about Travel Management which includes luggage and how to set it in the carrier bag. Besides that the speaker also conveyed about Survival covering the basic needs of survival and where we can get it in the nature. Afterwards is the practice of making the bivouac In determined time, the event closed with the delivery of merchandise from KRN and RZ for the participants. Deny Prabasworo Volunteer Coordinator stated, after obtaining pre-basic training is expected of the prospective volunteers can be ready to welcome the Basic training held next December.

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